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Loot Drop

Multiocular Type
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Loot Drop is a nostalgic wide-set pixelated serif with a nod to early text-based fantasy RPG video games. Featuring fantastical ligatures to highlight the strange pairing of pixels and serifs, this type adds a bit of the fae to any application. At home in indie tabletop role-playing game zines and ominous visions of the future from the local oracle, Loot Drop is a legendary pairing to any words of import.

What is included in this license?

This standard desktop license is for 1–3 users. This license allows you to install the font on your computer to use them in print and other static image formats. Please refer to the entire desktop EULA for specifics.

Should a more considerable license, format, or its use in another medium be required, please contact us.

What Can the Type Not Be Used for?

This type cannot be used for any work for industries or products in NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, Guns or Ammunition, Tobacco, Vape Products, Pharmaceuticals, Supplements, Political Campaigns, Oil & Gas, or Automotives without the express written consent of Multiocular Type. Please refer to the entire desktop EULA for specifics.

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Classification: Pixelated Serif
Available Weights: 1
Character Set: Latin S
Desktop License: 1–3 Users
File Type:.OTF
Features: Ligatures
Status: More weights and widths to be added. Future Language support also planned.
Please contact us at for more licensing options such as: Web, Broadcast, TV, and Video Games.
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Loot Drop

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